Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today's reading.

I want to share some of the things I've found in my daily reads on the web.

Pat Robertson is giving Christians a bad name... He wants the US Special Forces to assassinate the President of Venezuela .. this is just to scary for words, think of the seniors who are willing everything they have to creeps like this .. my great aunt was one.

Earlier this summer A 14 year old came within inches of a Killer Whale. Something to remember for the rest of his life. On the same note, 3 Grizzly cubs are orphaned and are left to fend for themselves. Should we be in places where we invade on land set aside for wildlife, or do we as humans have a right to do what ever we want. Sticky issue, and I'm going to sit on a fence.

This is so sad, from the BBC, the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers was busted for being a coke dealer. (god, I hated that song, be 10 years old and trapped in a car with two older sisters and their friend singing "S A T U R D A Y Night" for three hours going north to the cottage.) Hope the Twit gets what's coming to him.

On top of this I have to introduce you to the Bedouin SoundClash, I've been hearing the song "When the Night Feels My Song" for the last few weeks and it is awesome. I bought the CD today and really happy that I spent $14.99 at HMV. "Sounding Mosaic" from Stomp Records is great. I've got to find their first CD 'Root Fire' and I can't wait to hear more from these guys, if you like Punk/Funk/Reggae/Ska/Soul/R&B you will like the Bedouin SoundClash.

Soon to come -> Why I call myself 42 Year Old Loser, or am I?