Friday, March 30, 2007

What happened on March 30th?

Butterfly Metro Zoo - March Break

What a massive relief. I made yearly quota, I made monthly quota, but missed quarterly and new product quota. I won't get all my bonuses but I will get at least some. In just a week week I did 100K. What a relief, I've been pacing the floor and hounding a few outstanding sales today. It feels good to succeed .. now we just have to see what's up for next year.

Haven't been able to do any of the memes I enjoy, still have that outstanding one that Paul did, it just been work, kids activities and TaiKwonDo. So by early evening I just to tired to do anything online. I still have to read the first Chapter of Joe's Novel.. will try to do that tonight.

Tomorrow morning Middle plays in the championship game. She had a fantastic game last week, beating the first place team. Going from a 0-3 deficit to winning the game 4-3. Wife said Middle just about stood on her head during the game. She faced down 3 single man rushes and a penalty shot. I'm a we bit proud of her. She is talking about moving up out of house league to more competitive girls hockey.

Presently listening to:

Sugar Magnolia Greatful Dead

Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming,
heads all empty and I don't care,
Saw my baby down by the river,
knew she'd have to come up soon for air.

Sweet blossom come on, under the willow,
we can have high times if you'll abide
We can discover the wonders of nature,
rolling in the rushes down by the riverside.

She's got everything delightful,
she's got everything I need,
Takes the wheel when I'm seeing double,
pays my ticket when I speed

She comes skimmin' through rays of violet,
she can wade in a drop of dew,
She don't come and I don't follow,
waits backstage while I sing to you.

Well, she can dance a Cajun rhythm,
jump like a willys in four wheel drive.
She's a summer love for spring, fall and winter.
She can make happy any man alive.

Sugar magnolia, ringing that bluebell,
caught up in sunlight, come on out singing
I'll walk you in the sunshine, come on honey,
come along with me.

She's got everything delightful,
she's got everything I need,
A breeze in the pines and the sun and bright moonlight,
lazing in the sunshine yes indeed.

Sometimes when the cuckoo's crying,
when the moon is half way down,
Sometimes when the night is dying,
I take me out and I wander around, I wander 'round.

Sunshine, daydream, walking in the tall trees,
going where the wind goes
Blooming like a red rose, breathing more freely,
Ride our singin', I'll walk you in the morning sunshine
Sunshine, daydream. Sunshine, daydream.
Walking in the sunshine.