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General History Sites
BBC History page
September Eleven
British Military Conflicts since 1945

History Link 101
The Falkland Islands
A history of the 1982 conflict

Albert Einstein Archives

Virtual Museum of Nautical Archaeology

Broadside Royal Navy History site

Top 10 Greatest Speeches of All-Time
1. Martin Luther King Jr-I Have a Dream
2. Abraham Lincoln- Gettysburg Address
3. William Shakespeare- Julias Caesar's Oration by Marc Anthony
4. John Kennedy- I am a Berliner
5. Robert Kennedy- Announcing the death of Martin Luther King Jr
6. Pierre Elliot Trudeau- Paul Sauve Arena Speech
7. Romeo Dallaire- The failure of humanity in Rwanda
8. Franklin Roosevelt's Inaugural Address
9. John Manley- Post 9/11 Speech to Parliament
10. Al Gore- November 2003 Speech on the war against terrorism

Ancient History
Alexander the Great
Joan's Mad Monarchs
Maps of the Classical Roman World
Internet Medieval Sourcebook from Fordham Univer
Provinciae Imperii Romani A Project by Students of Roman History at The University of South Dakota
Same map from the Dalton School with some different infomation
Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
PBS Napoleon Roman History, the Greeks the Crucible of Civiliztion, Egypt's Golden Empire, Peter and Paul the Christian Revolution, Japan, the Memories of a Secret Empire, Queen Vitoria's Empire
UNRV Roman Empire

Folklore and Mythology
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Encyclopedia Mythica
The British Columbia Folklore Society

Canadian History
Canada's Aborigianl Vetrans
Canadian History Directory
Canadian History Links
MAPS: GIS Windows on Native Lands,Current Places, and History
Unofficial Canadiana..The Canadian Resource Page
The Memory Project
Historical Atlas of Canada Learning Project
Jarvis Collegiate - 200 Years of History
Key Events & Causes: War of 1812
Library and Achieves of Canada War and Military
18th Century History, Canadian Tribes
Strawberry Island in Lake Simcoe from The Basilian Press,
The Forces of Montcalm & Wolfe
History of Canada Online
Mysteries of Canada
Canada's Digital Collections
Yahoo links to Personal_Accounts of World_War_II
Americans Guide to Canada
Canada Science and Technology Museum

Canada WWII
Johnny Canuck's, Wartime History of Canada
A Coy 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Canadian Air Aces of WWI, WWII and Korea
Canadian War Poster Collection from McGill The Digital Collections Program
Canuck, Canadian Soldiers
Juno Beach
Canadian Military History Mag article on Airborne role on D-day anx D-Day At Sea And In The Air
The Juno Beach Centre
The Queen's Own Rifles
The Rifleman Online- Web Site of The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
The Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
Vetrans Affairs Canada Victoria Cross
"WAR MUSEUMS: Places Of Remembrance Throughout Europe"
The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
The Archives of Ontario Remember the Home Front.
Aerodrome of Democracy: Canada and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan 1939-1945, full text of 242 pp. in pdf from DND Department of History and Heritage
Armoured Warrior: A Second World War Interactive Adventure (Canadian War Museum)
Art and War: Australia, Britain and Canada in the Second World War " consists of 96 works of art from the collections of the Canadian War Museum, the Australian War Memorial, and the Imperial War Museum...This is the first exhibition of its kind to explore how Australia, Britain and Canada lived through and recorded the greatest conflict in human history. The works on display highlight notable differences in outlook and expectation, both nationally and individually."
Canada and the Second World War (Canadian War Museum)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Archives: Conflict and War
Canadian Forces Directorate of History and Heritage
Canadian Letters and Images Project from the History Department at Malaspina University College is a digital archive of the Canadian war experience
Canadian Military History Gateway: Second World War
Canadian Navy of Yesterday and Today
Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Canadian War Industry During the Second World War (Library and Archives Canada)
Canadian Wartime Experience"This site is maintained by the University of Manitoba. It provides free access to a collection of several thousand digitised pimary source materials: such as documents, newspaper articles, letters, photographs and prints relating to the experience of Canada and Canadians during various wars from 1899-1970s. They include the Boer War (1899-1903); First World war (1914-1918), Second World war (1939-1945); Korean War (1950-1953) and Vietnam War (1957- 1975). They cover information relating to military movements, battles and training well as oral history accounts from soldiers and servicemen/women. The site also includes a section for educators with suggested classroom activities."
Canvas of War--Masterpieces (Canadian War Museum)
Democracy at War: Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War (Canadian War Museum)
Flying Boat Era, 1937-1945: An in-depth look at the Flying Boat Era in the Bay of Exploits, Newfoundland
An Interactive History of the Canadian Navy
Juno Beach Centre: Canada in WW II
National Film Board of Canada: D-Day History and Heritage of Canada's Air Force
Remembrances: Canada and the Second World War (Virtual Museum of Canada)
Second World War as a National Experience, Sidney Aster, ed., full text of 219 pp. in pdf from Directorate of History and Heritage
Testaments of Honour Historical Archives ("Personal oral histories of Canadian veterans on digital video")
Through A Lens: Dieppe in photograph and film (National Archives of Canada)
The Valour & the Horror - Canada at War from the 1992 TV series
Veterans Affairs Canada History
Wings Over Alberta: Flyboys on the Homefront

American Revolution
Battle of Oriskany - a turning point of the American Revolution
Bulter's Rangers from Major Alan D. Woolley CD
Time Line, America During the Age of Revolution, 1764-1775
Spy Letters of the American Revolution from the Clements Library
18th Century History The American Revolution Timeline 1760s
The Battle of Oriskany: Teaching with Historic Places From the National Park Service Links to the Past
Timeline of the American Revolutionary War From The Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution

Celtic Cross
The meaning behind Celtic Art Work

Historical Maps
Online Atlases from the History Department at the United State Military Academy

Maps of the Vietnam War
Mobile Riverine Force Association

Timelines on the Web
Timeline of British History
Timeline of Scottish History
Millennium Timeline A thousand years of history is here...
PBS Napoleon Timeline
Timeline of Alexander the Great
Time line for the history of science and social science
PBS Technology Timeline
Timeline of Romani History
Timelines of History
World Historyl from Info Please
History of Medieval Britain from the time of Alfred the Great, through the Norman Conquest and up to the start of the Tudor Age.
World War II Timeline from History Department of the Univerity of San Diego
Kilroy Was Here

Virtual Library
biblio, the public's library and digital archive
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
The WWW Virtual Library... History

WWII / Flight
Aircraft of North America 1903 - 2003
The Life and Experiences of Arnold Spring in WWII
The Wartime Memories Project
Air Force Historical Research Agency
Bob Seedorf shares his experiences in WWII
Hyperwar: The Marine Campaign For Guadalcanal
Jeff Badger's War Buddies from WWII
George Duncan's Lesser Known Facts of WWII
Its code name was Operation Stalemate
Royal Air Force Bomber Command 60th Anniversary
Splinter Fleet, the wooden SC Subchaser
The Amphibians
Came to Conquer the story of Admiral Richard Kelly Turner

The Battle of Britain History Site
The Lost American Ammunition Ships
The Dropzone Virtual Museum
Air Group 4
The Pacific Theatre
World War II Links on the Internet
Aerial Reconnaissance Archives (TARA) at Keele University, Staffordshire UK, provides access via the internet to the 5.5 million aerial reconnaissance photographs taken over occupied Western Europe by the Allies during World War II and deposited by the UK Ministry of Defence at TARA.
American Aircraft of World War II from David Hanson is a reference site on over 140 U.S. aircraft used or designed by the U.S. in WWII. Photos and info. Search by name, type, or manufacturer
B-29 Superfortress by Gerd Eles and Paolo Pizzi from NavisMagazine
Battle-damaged B-17 Flying Fortresses is a photo gallery of B-17 Flying Fortress bombers that managed to get back to their bases despite serious battle damage during WWII.
Biplane Aces of World War II
Black Cat PBY Catalinas is a history of U.S. Navy PBY squadrons in the WWII Pacific that painted their Catalina flying boats flat black and attacked Japanese ships at night.
Boeing aircraft company short history
Bomber Command from the Canadian site The Valour and the Horror
British Aircraft of World War II from Jaap Teeuwen
Destruction of Dresden from Glenn Call
Elevon with Aviation History documents by Emmanuel Gustin and Joe Baugher formerly at the Byrd Archive
Flight-History from Cathy Berglund in Calgary AB
George Rarey's cartoon journals of the 379th Fighter Squadron of P-47 Thunderbolts
Harvard aviation image index lists pictures of planes in various archives
Marshall Stelzriede's Wartime Story The Experiences of a B-17 Navigator in the 8th Air Force, from Tom Stelzriede
Naval Air War In The Pacific is a visual history of U.S. Navy and Marine air units in WWII Pacific. Includes photos, paintings, and text covering the men, aircraft, carriers, tactics, and battles.
No. 211 (Bomber) Squadron RAF from Dan Clark
P-38 page from pilot "Wild Bill" Boyd
Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, home of the International B-24 museum
Spitfire & Hurricane Museum at RAF Manston in Kent
Tribute to the Cactus Air Force is about the U.S. Marine, Navy, and Army Air Corps pilots who defended Guadalcanal from August-November 1942. Includes: history, photos, paintings, references.
United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report (Pacific) 1 July 1946 and European from Chuck Anesi on airman Theodore "Ted" Elman of the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group
WWII plane descriptions from the game Air Warrior include the North American P51 Mustang and the Republic P-47D Thunderbolt and the Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat

Roadside Attractions
Roadside Architecture
Big Things, Canadain Monuments
Canadian Roadside Attractions

Forgotten History
Forgotten New York