Sunday, April 17, 2005

Flowers 2004 1
General Garden Links

  • Toronto Botanical Gardens and the gardening forum,
  • North American Native Plant Society
  • Wild About Gardening from the Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • Royal Horticulture Society from the UK
  • Canadian plant hardiness zone map from Canadian gov't,
  • Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic from Cornell University,
  • Horticulture department at the University of Nebraska Linclon
  • Botany.Com, the Encyclopedia of Plants, Flowers and the Garden and Plant Store.
  • Canadian Gardening Magazine.
  • Tomato Bob, links to gardening organizations.
  • Halton Region Garden Links.
  • Our Gang Gardening Long blooming perennials and Bulbs.
  • How to Garden from Essortment.
  • UltraGrowth Grardening Links (don't know what the product is like but really good links and info on gardening)
  • Plants of the Week
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Carry On Gardening

    Propogating House Plants

    My favorite plant species:

    Cactus (I have two pots in my office, not sure what types)
  • Plants in the cactus family
  • How to look after indoor cactus from the University of Nebraska Linclon

    Xmas Cactus (two at home and one in the office)
  • Care of Xmas cactus from Prudue Univeristy
  • Care of Xmas Cactus from Essortment
    Propagate Christmas Cactus

    Clematis (Three plants in the back yard, have not had flowers in 4 years, not sure what I'm doing wrong)
  • Britsh Clematis Society
  • International Clematis Society

    Iris (have them all over the place, just bought some more Siberian Iris.. pictures to come)
  • World Iris Association
  • The Iris Preservation Society
  • Ontario Wildflowers: Iris Family
  • Rare Dwarf Lake Iris, hard to find but we do have them on the shore at the cottage.

    05 tulips

    Tulips (more than you can count)
  • The Canadian Tulip Festival
  • How to grow Tulips
  • Backyard Gardener How to grow Tulips

    Begonia(tried to save last years plants, died, will try again)
  • Canadian Begonia Society

  • Dahlia (This is my second time. 1st time it was a bust nothing came up, this time I have planted 3 groups we will see how they do. Already have shoots from one spot, Thurs May 19I've got about half a dozen shots, crossing my fingers)
  • How to grow Dahlia,
  • from the Colorado Dahila Society. BC Dahila site

    Lilac (three bushes, if I can just keep my mother in law from cutting them down)
  • The International Lilac Society How to care for Lilacs

    Lilies (Day Lily and Oriental, again more than you can count)
  • Canadian Hermercallis Society (Day Lilies)
  • American Hermercallis Society (Day Lilies)
  • Ontario Daylily Society
  • Ontario Regional Daylily Society
  • Lily Net

    Peony (three in front yard, pictures to come)
  • Friends of the Peony The oldest cultivated flower.
  • The Canadain Peony Society

    Tropical Hibiscus (one in the house, have some seeds that I have to try and start)
  • Growing Tropical Hibiscus in the north.
  • Growing Tropical Hibiscus from seed.

  • Tropical Hibiscus General Questions and Answers

  • Coleus
    Coleus Finder
    Glasshouse Works Coleus Cultivar Gallery Page. Coleus
    Guide to Growing Painted Nettles