Thursday, April 14, 2005

What I've Read

A Song of Ice and Fire: by George R.R. Martin

Aug - Sept 05 Re-reading Game of Thrones,

Sept - Oct. 10/05 Re-reading A Clash of Kings,

Oct. 10 - Nov. 13/05 Re-reading A Storm of Swords,

Dec. 27th/05 - Jan 17th/06 A Feast For Crows
This is the first critic that I've written: Good book, could not put it down. To much descriptive sex for my liking, but I'm not at prud I just will have to keep this one away for Eldest for at least another year. Pissed but understand why it was published in two parts, can't wait for the next book. If you have the time for Fantasy as a series . read Fire & Ice.

Nov. 14 - Nov. 23/05 Earagon, Christopher Paolini

The Change World series:
Nov. 24 - Dec. 1/05 Dies the Fire, SM Stirling

Dec. 2/05 - Dec. 16/05 Re-reading Covenants, Lorna Freeman
Feb 19/06 - Feb 27/06 King's Own:A Borderland Novel by Lorna Freeman

Dec. 17/05 - Dec. 26/05 Re-reading Mitla Pass, Leon Uris

Jan. 17/06- Jan. 31/06
Worlds That Weren't, Novellas of Alernate History by: Harry Turtledove, SM Stirling, Mary Gentle, Walter Jon Williams. I also started two or three other books that I quickely picked up and put down.

Feb. 01/06- Feb. 05/06 Re-Reading Planet Called Treason, by: Orson Scott Card,

Feb. 06/06- Feb. 17/06Survivial Species Imperative #1, by: Julie E. Czerneda,
Feb - March 06
By Order of the President, by: W.E.B. Griffin,

March 06 - ? Spirits in the Wires, by: Charles De Lint,

April ? -20 rereading and reading the " Council Wars" books by John Ringo
There will be dragons
Emerald Sea
Against the Tide
Not deep intellectual reading but better than "Reality Television"

April 21 - 24/06 His Majesty's Dragon, by: Naomi Novik, great read. I have already picked up the 2nd book.

April 24 - May 1/06 ...Angels & Demons, by: Dan Brown, good adventure read, but written in a very stilted form, you know it reads like it was a movie script and then put into a book.

May 1 - May 7/06 ...Throne of Jade, by: Naomi Novik, If you like Fantasy, Altnerative History and Dragons this series is well worth the read .. the only problem is that I have to wait for May 30 to get the next book.

May 7 - May 14/06 ...Dead Beat: A Dresden File, by: Jim Butcher, If you like adventure, action, magic, dark noir mystery, wizards and witty writeing "Polka will never die", pick it up read it and enjoy. One of my top reads so far this year.

May 16 - June 2 ...A Secret Atlas, by: Michael A. Stackpole. Okay book but I probably won't finish the series, I became a bit disappointed with it.

June 3 - June 20 ...<Wheel of Time: Knife of Dreams volume XI, by: Robert Jordan,

June 20 - June 28...Naomi Novik's Temeraire Series: Black Powder War

June 29 - July 4...David Gemmel Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow

July 4 - July 16...John Irving Until I Find You

July 16 - July 23...Douglas Coupland JPod

Rolling Stone ROCK OF AGES: The Rolling Stone History of Rock and Roll. By Ed Ward, Geoffrey Stokes and Ken Tucker.

Nov 10 - Nov 21 ... ... ReReading The Peshawar Lancers S.M. Stirling

Nov 25 - Dec 10 ... The Book of Lists, The Origional Compendium of Curious Information - Canadian Editon, written by: David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace, Ira Basen & Jane Farrow

Dec 18 - 24 2006 ...Theives World Enemies of Fortune, edited by: Lynn Abbey

Jan 2 - 16 2007 ... Shakey >Neil Young's Biography, Written by: Jimmy McDonough

Jan 17 - 21 2007 ... The Hostage, Written by: W.E.B. Griffin

Jan 23 - Feb 15 2007 ... Re-Read The Silmarillion, Written by: J.R.R. Tolkien

Feb 22 - Feb 24 2007 ... Dresden Files: Proven Guilty, Written by: Jim Butcher .. Great read, Jim Butcher does it again.

Feb 24 - March 7 2007 ...Academ's Fury, Written by: Jim Butcher .. not as good as the Dresden Files, but it grows on you.

March 8 - March 24 2007 re-read The First Man in Rome, Masters of Rome Series...Colleen McCullough

March 24 - Aug 2007 re-reading Masters of Rome Series...Colleen McCullough

August 1 - 15 Redemption Song: The ballad of Joe Chris Salewicz

August 31 - Sept 9/07 Absolute C.C. Humphreys

September 10 - 25/07 ... Knights of the White and Black, Book 1 of the Knights Templer Jack Whyte

October 12 - 16 ... Empire of Ivory, Book 4 of the Temeraire Naomi Novik

October 17 - 23 ... Hammer of the Gods, a unauthorized biography of Led Zeppelin Stephan Davis

Oct 23 - Oct 30... A Meeting At Corvallis, Book 3 of the Dies The Fire S.M. Stirling
(great book, Stirling has done it again, he has created a incredible Alt History/Post Apocalyptic/Fantasy world .. these are world that we never want to see end.... what if like Heinlein wrote in the Number of the Beast, that when a author creates a world it becomes real .. the only thing that bugged is that I found the end to quick, its like he had to find a way to end the story.)

Nov 1/07 - Nov 10/07 The Sky People, Book 1 of the "The Lords of Creation" S.M. Stirling

Nov 8/07 - Nov 18/07 Book 1 of the "The Saga of Pliocene Exile" "The Many-Colored Land", Julian May

Nov 18/07 - Nov. 25/07 ... Re-Reading, Book 2 of the "The Saga of Pliocene Exile" "The Golden Torc", Julian May

No idea of dates ... "Shout, The Beatles in Their Generation" Philip Norman