Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Here it is 11:50 pm, wife is in bed, I have peace and quiet, I want to write somthing profound and interesting and all I can think of is Broadway Musicals and how much I like them. I admit it, I really like musicals, I love live stage, I love the old movie musicals, heck if its on I will TV I will even watch Jesus Christ Superstar!

Is this normal, is this right, should I be confining myself to dreaming about Judy Garland like some old drag queen. No! I like musicals and I like watching them, I am as much a he man as the next guy, in fact I bigger than most normal guys (I've never been under 200 lbs in my adult life, and I'm around 6'2" could you see me prancing around a stage)

Here are some musicals that I love:
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I've watched this more times than you can count with my kids.
White Christmas, a yearly tradition in this house (it's only me in front of the TV, oh so sad)
Tommy, from Pete Townshend. This lead to some really bad rock opera's, but I've watched them anyway.
Rent, they've made a movie, can't wait to see what its like.
Anything by Gilbert & Sullivan
Lion King

Since the death of Livent, all we have in TO is honest Ed Mirvish and his son. So wife and I get to see a few mucicals each year. I am realy looking forward to LOTR the Musical.

It's late and I've decided that this is a list that will grow.

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