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Canadian SciFi
Made In Canada Homepage for Canadian Science Fiction
Canada's National Association for Speculative Fiction Professionals
The Merril Collection of the Toronto Public Libary
Friends of the Merril Collection
University of New Brunswick Ward Chapman Libary
Resource of Science FictionCanadain Science Fiction Webring
Infinite Diversity International Corporation
TransVersions or the Transversion SciFi Event Calender

Fan Fiction
Amateur Fan Fiction fun to read others ideas of characters you like.
Harry Potter Fan Fiction, What would be better than reading more about Harry.

Online SciFi Magazines
Science Fiction Weekly the best.
The Website at the End of the Universe
Homepage for Sicence Fiction and Fantasy
Super Hero Hype

SciFi Novels
Writers Resource
SciFi Writers did you ever want to be one?
Write SciFi or Fantasy a online community.
Famous Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors and what they might believe in. Why you would want to know what religion some one is, I don't know.
Science Fiction Writers of America sfwa links and resources
Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Works Links To Other Relevant Science-Fiction & Fantasy Sites
SFF net people pages
Mystic Galaxy bookstores links to scifi authors sites.
scifi dot com links to authors sites
Encyclopedia the free dictionary List of science fiction authors

Authors Sites
Robert J. Sawyer
Charles de Lint
Chris Moore
Eric Flint
John Ringo
George RR Martin
Harry Turtledove
Martin Scott Thraxas Novels
Neil Gaiman
Julie E. Czerneda
Lois McMaster Bujold
Spider Robinson
William Gibson
William H. Keith Jr.
Marion Zimmer Bradley Trust
Mercedes Lackey
Arthur C Clarke Foundation
Storm Constintine
Elizabeth Bear
Andre Norton

Border Town

David Brin

Jim Butcher/Harry Dresden

Robert A. Heinlein

Orsan Scott Card
Hatrack River
Wikipedia Orsan Scott Card
Ender Shrine

SM Stirling

Robert Jorden/WOT

JKRowling/Harry Potter

Thieves World

John Brunner
Stand on Zanzibar
John Brunner from NNDB
Heroes of Cyberspace: John Brunner
U of Liverpool SciFi Hub, John Brunner
Biography of John Brunner from

Douglas Adams

Glen Cook
Wiki Bitparts Glen Cook
Glen Cook Fanpage
Great SF&F Glen Cook

Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson dot com/
Wikipedia Neal Stephenson


DAW Books
Random House Delrey
Meisha Merlin
Baen Books
Random House Spectra
NY Times Bestseller List
SFsite list of publishers
Time Warner Science Fiction
Tor Books

SciFi WebLinks

SciFi TV


The International Museum of Cartoon Art
Jess Nevins - Annotations And Other Pursuits The

Dan Dare
Introduction to The DC Universe Timelinev
Encyclopaedia Olympiana
Guardians of the World Timeline
Marvel Directory
Superman Through the Ages
The Appendix to Handbook of the Marvel Universe/ The Defenders
The 5 Earths Project
Legion of Super-heroes
The Marvel Universe
The Alternative Marvel Fanfiction site Unoffical Guide to the DC Universe Uncanny X-Men

Alternative History