Thursday, December 20, 2007

What happened on Thursday December 20th?

Christmas Tree '07

Just in case I don't get to do a Xmas post. Merry Christmas.

I have done almost no shopping, I still need to find stuff for Wife. I was supposed to go out at lunch to get gift for Eldest .. argh!!! Youngests health card expired .. I had to go replace that! Eldest has drum lessons tonight. Then I get to go shopping.

Everyone is well, both Eldest and Youngest had recitals in the last two weeks. Both were scared but performed to there best. Eldest plays drums, so he played along to Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd .. Youngest plays the piano, she played Cuckoo, and a Christmas song. Middle is going through a faze of not liking her parents right no, with ATTITUDE .. Argh, lord love a duck give me patients.

Have fun, enjoy the snow and the gifts.