Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18th

As I drove north to the cottage on the 400, I thought of grabbing the digital camera, taking pictures and creating a post from it. After two days of driving myself nuts trying to figure what to write about and how to post the pictures, I've decided that I am just not a good enough writer to make a drive north seem interesting. So, when you look at the pictures of the car ride north, I want to let you know I was seeing some of the most beautiful (in my eyes) land in Canada and listening to Rancid's "And Out Came the Wolves"

Around Waubaushene I got the camera out

Where Hwy 400 crosses the Musquash River,
the highway goes from 4 lane to 2 and we now enter Wahta, Mohawk Territory. Everything is under construction through Wahta,

until you reach the bridge over
the Moon River. This is the last section of the 400 that needs to be finished until just past Parry Sound.

I was doing pretty good on time and speed When this passed me it's only October and some guy is moving his old sleds around. You will not see something like this in southern Ontario. I followed the truck for a while
wanting to see where he might turn off. I decided to watch my speed as the OPP usually hides behing a rockcut to catch speeders. I was right, didn't get a photo of him but I also didn't get a ticket.

The time and surroundings speed by and you know your close to Parry Sound when you see these signs. When my sisters and I were kids going to the cottage on old hwy 69, we would all wait and see who could shout "Parry Sound sign" first. You didn't get anything but braging rights and maybe a sore shoulder from being punched, but for some reason it was fun.

With the new highway you now have to turn off
at the Bowes Street exit and the first thing you see when you hit Parry Sound is McDonald's. Welcome to the new north .. they cater the the whims of the cottagers.

Once you go through town you have to head up the Great North Roadand go under the CNR tracks
you head out along Emely St. towards the marina.

Met my sister, brother in-law and Dad a the marina, we loaded the boat up and took off for the cottage.

The swing bridge linking Parry Island (home of the Wasauksing First Nation) to the mainland, over 100 years old

Two Mile Narrows, the gov't dredges this every few decades to keep it clear for boating.

Photos of Five Mile Bay.

Heading south after a great weekend, no photos taken of the weekend