Friday, October 07, 2005

October 7th

Have a happy Happy "Canadian" Thanksgiving this weekend.

Weekly news round up time.

I wish Bush or his handlers could make up their minds, Did "God" tell him to go to war or not, and if "God" did tell him to go to war, does this mean that the U.S. is the only country in the world with a direct phone line to "God". By the way, whose "God" told him to go to war.

The Tyee has a article, written by Peter MacLeod from the Planning Desk, on how Canada should be looking to the EU as a trading partner for the future. Since the US keeps on playing games with the softwood issue.

Neal News has a link to a really good article at Maisonneuve on the power or lack of power by Canadian bloggers to effect news coverage. Read it, somewhat humbling.

To be 9 years old and make the book of Guinness World Records

The Leafs have lost Mats for who knows how long. Lindros and O'Neill should be able to replace him on the ice, but what about leading the team .. Maybe we should trust in Tie, hey I'm serious here. Tie can step up, I believe in him. At least I'm in first place at Canada Blog Hockey League.

As you might have figured out, I used to work at the Corpse .. Oh! I did it again, the Corps .. I'm glad for all my friends who get to go back to work. Be grateful for Hockey Night In Canada .. But can you tell me why CTV is reporting this story. Oh to rub it in, that's right.

So our favorite martial arts actor Jackie Chan, can never die or kiss in a movie. No problem for me, I just want to see the 51 year old keep it up a while longer.

By the way Small Dead Animals is running Small Dead Blog Awards - Nomination Roundup. Interesting cross section of Bloggers. Take a look.