Monday, November 28, 2005

It's been two weeks since I last got a chance to post, time does fly when your busy. Trying to settle into my new position, help the guy leaving bring in as much as he can before he goes (even though it's going to leave me pretty dry on sales for December).

On Wednesday November 30th, Youngest turns 6 years old. She can't stop asking how many days till I'm 6, or how many sleeps till my birthday party. As opposed to the other two, the world seems to revolve around daily issues for her. Nothing can happen fast enough or soon enough for her. She is a ball of energy that Wife and I are trying to keep up with.

Middle has had incredible hockey games over the last few weeks, 2 wins/1 loss/1 tie, everything seems to have clicked (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood, I don't want to jinx her). Her team lost on Saturday but she kept it to only 4 points, even though she had to have taken at least 30 shots on net. All the goals were off rebounds, her defense just could not clear the puck or she didn't have time to freeze it. It's interesting to watch the coaches at practice, its gone from her being the goalie they feel sorry for to the goalie they all want to work. We told her that she could get a toy because her grades have been very good and she has been really trying at hockey (we are trying to give rewards for doing well, along with punishing when they do something wrong) so she asked for a Build a Bear, all her cousins have one. I've never been in the store, never even seen one out of the box and I always thought it a silly waste of money. Well, I've never had so much fun shopping as I did when we went and got it with her. You choose the body you want, voice box, stuff it, clean it and shop for cloths for it. They even have a Lacrosse Bear. If you want to spend a fun hour or so with your kids, though pricey (no worse than taking a family of 5 to the movies)it was fun.

Eldest is doing well, finally doing his homework, handing in assignments, trying not to lie, adjusting to puberty. He has such a thin skin, teenage boys are mean and nasty, but the smallest thing to him is a personal slight. Two weeks ago he had a select hockey game (only the third hockey game he has played this season), the guys on his line were pretty hard on him and he came out of the rink angry and sad. He wants certain guys to like him and takes whatever they say to heart. Words hurt him, I try to support him and let him know that people aren't worth knowing if that is the way the treat people.. But teenage boys treat each other this way. (Sucks growing up) He has meet a girl that he thinks he likes, (an older women, she is in grade 9) and is not sure what to do, swore me to secrecy when we talked about it. What do you tell a 13 year old? I told him to show interest in her, ask questions about her as a person and what's happening in her life, and not to rush anything. I've offered to let him take her with us to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (I've got to take him and his sister anyway). Not sure if he wants to have his old man on his first date though, we will see what happens.

Life if going ok with Wife and I, other then we are tired all the time (from running around) and both sick with colds. We have to settle on some type of get away for march break.