Monday, November 07, 2005

November 7th.

Okay, I don't want to crow .. Um .. yes I do. Do you remember a few posts ago where I was talking about how Middle was treated by our house league hockey club. (if you don't, click here and read away)

Middle has not been having the best of a season, the average shots on her per game have been 30 to 35 shots on net (not including the ones that miss the net) and the final scores have been in the double digit (10 - 14 points for the other team, not more then 3-5 for her team), not so hot right .. well she doesn't have much of a defense and she can stop the difficult shots, but she just couldn't seem to stop the easy ones. I was beginning to feel really bad for Middle and her team .. it's not her fault but maybe she just wasn't cut out to be a goalie, (I never told her any of this, I've been really good and kept my mouth shut) She's the one who wanted to be a goalie, so we are doing our best to help her. We take her for goalie classes once a week, house league practice on sunday etc..

Well on Saturday morning she proved that she is a goalie and one to beat at that. Her team went up against the best team in house league, (1st place so far in the season, 5 games 5 wins) The goalie is the son of the assistant coach to the team (the parent is really good goalie himself) .. Middle was incredible .. low, high, middle, 5 hole .. she couldn't be beat .. only one goal against her in the dying minutes of the 1st period. She kept it up all the way through the game, Wife and I were screaming yelling and cheering constantly .. Middle shut down one of the best shots on the other team (a real puck hog, who never passes), the kid was slamming her stick on the ice. Damn it was fun. By the end of the game .. Middle had taken 37 shots and only let 4 in. It was a tie game, 4/4 but it felt like Middle had won the Stanley Cup. A lot of parents and coaches came up to her after the game and congratulated her. She was so proud, she was smiling ear to ear. I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, I was so proud and I hadn't done anything except sit on my ass and yell.

Not to forget Eldest and Youngest .. Eldest sprained the same ankle that he fractured and can't play for two more weeks (he only got the cast ofF two weeks ago). He tripped on a railing at the subway and stumbled down two steps. The kid is just not having a good year. Youngest had a good game on Saturday, but her best friend wasn't there and she just wasn't into it.