Friday, March 10, 2006

March 10 th.

Okay, its fact. I am a 43 year old loser. I just discovered because of my stupidity that my drivers license is suspended. Back in November I was in a car accident, the guy turned in front of me as I was making a left hand turn from a stop sign... so it's my fault and I was ticketed. I was going to fight it, but by the time (Jan 9th) I was able to get away from work to get to the Court house (the courts are only open from 9 am to 4pm for payments of fines or to set a court date) it was to late and the case had been sent to the crown attorney for closure and I was found guilty. I asked if I could pay the fine. No I have to wait for notification. The notification came in February, Wife had received a ticket around that time, and when I paid her ticket I had thought that I had paid mine and it passed from my mind.

Well low and behold, last night (March 9th) I got a letter notifying me that my license was suspended as of March 6th. Fuck... we are driving to Disney as of Sunday for two weeks... I have no license... it’s a $5000 fine if I'm caught driving...Fuck. I ran around this morning (as fast as the bus could take me) and paid off the fines. Then I get told, tough luck, it will take 4 business days to clear your suspension, please don't drive. Fuck... like I said I head for Orlando on Sunday.

I am officially a 43 Year Old Loser!

PS .. I will post some more photos when I get back, if Wife doesn’t kill me first.