Friday, June 09, 2006

June 9th

Orange Gerber Daisy After Watering
Orange Gerber Daisy after watering.

I borrowed this from Running42k who stole this from Betty.

1 - Accent: Canadian, with a hint of Parry Sound and Central Ontario, does anyone else say potataa?

2 - Booze: Beer (micro breweries or import), good scotch, red wine.

3 - Chore I hate: Vacuuming/dusting

4 - Dogs/cats: two black cats, a rabbit and I think we have two fish left.

5 - Essential electronics: Stereo (bought in '86 - Turntable, EQ, etc...)

6 - Favorite perfume/cologne: None, I'm allergic to all this stuff.

7 - Gold/silver: None, I seem to get tendonitis when I wear rings. Wish it didn't happen though, can't wear my wedding ring or this great Navajo silver ring I picked up in Arizona.

8 - Hometown: Barrie, Ontario. Born in Bracebridge but heart is on the Georgian Bay.

9 - Insomnia: Never, I can sleep anytime anywhere.

10 - Job title: Inside Sales.

11 - Kids: 1 boy, 2 girls.

12 - Living arrangements: Live with my 3 kids, 1 wife, 1 mother-in-law, 2 cats, 1 rabbit and (maybe) 2 fish in a two story 4 bedroom house.

13 - Most admired trait: I don't think I have one, people seem to find me intimidating..

14 - Number of sexual partners: four.

15 - Overnight hospital stays: None.

16 - Phobia: Anything happening to my wife or kids (I'm a really over protective parent, heights, enclosed spaces.

17 - Quote: None... other than I'm alive, living and happy.

18 - Religion: Baptized Anglican, brought up Presbyterian, became an agnostic and now married to a Catholic.

19 - Siblings: two sisters, both older.

20 - Time I usually wake up: 6:30 am, have to get the kids lunches and breakfasts ready.

21 - Unusual talent: I stand out in a crowd.

22 - Vegetable I refuse to eat: Egg Plant.

23 - Worst habit: I am always right and will argue that I am right to death, only realizing this now that Eldest has the same habit.

24 - X-rays: teeth, ankle, knee and left arm.

25 - Yummy foods I make: BBQ, Xmas Pudding.

26 - Zodiac sign: Aquarius.