Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What happened on June 20th?

Ostrich Screech

If anyone is interested I won $25 in my hockey pool, I came in 2nd. I've also won $10 from Lotto 6/49 and a free ticket from Super 7. Sad isn't it when something as small as these makes you happy.

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Subject: NHL Hockey Pool - Congratulations

For those who banked on Calgary, Detroit and Dallas to make it pass the first round, I would like to remind you that you participated in a NHL Playoff Hockey Pool. The guys in the money would like to thank you for your contribution.

Early on, it looked liked Andrew was going to win the pool hands down, but Jay came from behind leaving Andrew to fight it out with Chris and I. It was a tight race for 2nd and 3rd.

So the final standings is as follows:
1st - *** **** - 120 points - $90
2nd - Andrew C**** - 114 points - $25
3rd - Me! - 113 points - $15
4th - C**** **** - 112 points - $0

Thank you for participating in the pool.