Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What happened on July 25th?

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Parrot  Warhol'd

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Well the International Lacrosse Federations Lacrosse World Championship is over and if anyone didn't notice, Canada Won!!! The Canadain Lacrosse Team lead by Gary Gait, Jeff Zywiki and John Grant Jr. defeated the US Lacrosse Team 15-9 in a fantastic 4th quarter surge by the Canadians.

The Toronto Star story titled Iroquois Keeping the Faith is about the modernization of the game from the point of view of the Iroquois Nations and the interest in Lacrosse world wide. In the last line of the Toronto Star story there is a quote from Delby Powless,
"They say when you play lacrosse the Creator smiles," Powless said. "It's our pleasure to share the game with the world."

The Iroquois Nations have been playing the Creators Game for thousands of years, Canadians have accepted Lacrosse as our national sport though sometimes it seems that we forget this or don't even know it. Canada and Canadians seem to excel at Box Lacrosse and have let the game of Field Lacrosse fade. It's nice to see Canadians finally take back their game after a 28 year slump of losing to the US.

Congratulations Team Canada.

So the final standings were:

Gold and Silver
Canada 15 USA 9

Bronze and 4th place
Austrail 21 Iroquois 8

5th Place
England 12 Japan 7

7th Place
Ireland 12 Germany 5

9th Place
Finland 9 Italy 8