Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What happened on January 10th?

Flitering sunlight

I just found out from Paul that the second week of January is National De-Lurking Week.
So, if you are a regular reader of AC&43, introduce yourself. If you think you can't comment because you are not an Blogger member, think again. It's free, it will only take up a few minutes of your life. I made myself a AOL account.
So hey please take a moment and say hello.

The picture was stolen from Paul who borrowed it from Paper Napkin. There also seems to be several different versions available at this link.

Back in December I missed the fall ending episode "Fallout" for Heroes because we went to the Who concert .. Wife and I got to see it the other night. Wow, what a ending. I can't wait until "Godsend" airs the 22nd.

Do any of you remember delete bins at record stores. Well I have found them again, not a a used record store but at the SuperCentre grocery chain. Last night I got 5 CD's for less the $30.

The Tragically Hip - Live Between Us
The Who - The Who Sings My Generation
Django Reinhardt - I Got Rhythm
Various Blues Artists - It's All About the Blues (Disc 1)
The Clash - London Calling

I've always loved delete I just have to learn to restrain my impulse to buy.

Jimmy Jazz - The Clash(Strummer/Jones)

The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz
I said, he ain't here, but he sure went past
Oh, you're looking for Jimmy Jazz

Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread
Cut off his ears and chop off his head
Police came looking for Jimmy Jazz

So if you're gonna take a message 'cross this town
Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side
See it gets to Jimmy Jazz

Don't you bother me, not anymore
I can't take this tale, oh, no more
It's all around, Jimmy Jazz

J-a-zee zee J-a-zed zed
J-a-zed zed Jimmy Jazz
And then it sucks, he said, suck that!
So go look all around, you can try your luck, brother
And see what you found
But I guarantee that it ain't your day
Chop! Chop!