Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What happened on Wednesday April 25th?

Well I promised photos of my trip to Orlando. I had a great time, the conference was really good, and I got to meet a lot of clients and learned how they use our software.

I really wish I could say I spent every evening out partying, but by the end of the day and having dinner together as a group I only got out two evenings out of the six days that I was gone. Even though we stayed at Universal's Royal Pacific resort, I never once got to hit the rides. We were just way to busy. I never even got closer to the pool than this shot.

I got some great shots of the orchids and flowers that are everywhere at the hotel.

A group of us did walk around the Universal City Walk at one evening. Bought a margarita and took pictures, but nothing really turned out very well. Nothing that I really wanted to show off at least.

I was able to get a few artsy shots from around the resort.

What do you think?

On the last evening I got out to do some record shopping. (dated myself there .. I meant cd shopping) I picked up the new Avril Lavigne CD, "The Best Damn Thing" for Middle, Anti Flag's "For Blood and Empire" for Eldest. For myself I picked up Neil Young "Live at Massey Hall 1971" (on a side note, I found out the other night that my brother-in-law was at that concert - he remembers wine and weed), Led Zeppelin's "Early Days / Latter Days" ($14.99 US), a Son House CD and Arcade Fire's "Funeral". All in all not a bad hall for under seventy dollars US. I saved a few bucks, but I was surprised that there is not much difference in pricing on CD's

One thing I can say was that the food was awesome; this is a shot of desert from one of the evenings. It's a pear torte with crème fresh and blackberry sauce. We had everything from steak to pork loin, asparagus to salads with pistachio vinaigrette. One evening they served the most incredible dish, .polenta with gorgonzola cheese, awesome. It was better then the sea bass that it came with.

The only bad part of the week, was that even though I am a very intelligent man I screwed up and brought miss matching shoes.

At least I got a right foot and a left foot .. ahhh! I am always able to remind myself that I am a loser.

Take a look at the origional photo's at my flickr page. By the way I am now in 9th place in my hockey pool, I've updated the stats below.