Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What happened on Wednesday May 9th?

Diving off the rocks, last summer

Sorry about not posting lately, but I really have not had anything to say. Kids are healthy, Wife is a workaholic, my sales are slow and we are already way under quota, but there is nothing I can do accept keep calling.

I've been really getting into finding more music for my IPod. I have to admit I am kind of collector. Music Slut, Perfumed Garden (great Peel sessions) and Something I Learned Today are really good for MP3's so that I can see if I like the music. Then of course I feel guilty and have to go out and buy a CD. Oh by the way, if your really into music and want to know the history behind it. Allan Cross at CFNY is finally podcasting the "On Going History of New Music" The music has been striped out but it's still well worth listening to.

Heroes is almost over, shame, it’s been great. The last two episodes have kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank god we recently got digital TV, since Eldest has a lacrosse game every Monday, I thought I would miss Heroes, but luck has it that Global BC runs the show at 11pm Eastern. So I get my Heroes fix, with no withdrawal. Speaking to TV withdrawal, does anyone know if Rockstar is back on this summer, I can't find any mention of it. Wife, who is in advertising, says she hasn't seen it in any of the summer schedules. Sucks.

Was thinking this morning about making a dreary depressing post about not knowing where you are in your career. You know what I mean, mid 40's, no direction at the job, just making money and bidding time till your real life starts. (Kids, home, weekends, marriage). Then I realized why complain, someone is paying me to do something I do well so that I can do what I want. Kids, home, marriage etc... Work is not the be all and end all of us. We have to have another course planned out. I decided I work for money so that I can do the things I want. I don't work to self fulfill my personal needs to be a human. Now I just have to make myself get up off the couch and pick up a brush to paint, go to TaiKwonDo (I haven't gone since I got back from Florida, no excuse other than I'm a lazy shit), take the camera and snap some pictures, sketch, ride a bike, teach youngest to ride her bike, spend time with the kids, snuggle with Wife or spend a couple of hours gardening. I just have to realize that these are the things that make me happy.

Thanks for the comments guys .. keep them coming.
(by the way la bellina mammina the orchids are from Royal Pacific Resort Orlando Florida, the only time you see those here in Ontario is at a green house or as a house plant. They are very hard to grow as they don't like the extremes of temp that we have.) Thanks for the comment, I love to take photos of flowers.

I'm doing so bad in they hockey pool that I'm not even looking any more. Last time I looked I was 15th place.

Listening to The Band, Chest Fever, from "Music From Big Pink" (1968)

I know she's a tracker, any scarlet would back her
They say she's a chooser, but I just can't refuse her
She was just there, but then she can't be here no more
And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down in my knees
But just before she leaves, she receives

She's been down in the dunes and she's dealt with the goons
Now she drinks from the bitter cup, I'm trying to get her to give it up
She was just here, I fear she can't be here no more
And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down in my knees
But just before she leaves, she receives

It's long, long when she's gone, I get weary holding on
Now I'm coldly fading fast, I don't think I'm gonna last
Very much longer

"She's stoned" said the Swede, and the moon calf agreed
I'm like a viper in shock with my eyes in the clock
She was just there somewhere and here I am again
And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down in my knees
But just before she leaves, she receives

(Lyric copied from LyricWiki)