Friday, August 17, 2007

What happened on Friday August 17th?

Pink Cone Flower

Nothing to post.

Got back from holidays on Sunday night. Did not want to get out of bed. Did not want to come to work on Monday. I want to go back on vacation.

We stayed at the cottage for the week. Watched for bears, I played water taxi (at least this year I only had to do it 4 times, instead of just about everyday last year), sat on the porch or dock and read (finished the Joe Strummer biography, really good read. Got the new Harry Potter done in two days, good read, nice conclusion to the story .. but how in the heck did Neville get the sword .. I thought the goblins had it?).

Next week is our 20th wedding anniversay, Wife and I want to go away for a week, but we can't decide. We almost booked a Western Med Cruise, but once you work out the price it was almost $7K (to rich for our blood). We thought about London for a week .. I even found a hotel/flight combo for just under $800, but Wife's London office told her that the weather sucks. Not sure what it's going to be but it will be last minute as always.

Eldest did okay in summer school, but has had a falling out with the guys on the street .. so he has not been out of the house since monday. At least he is taking care of the kittens. I need to post some pictures of them.

Middle just doesn't want to do anything, oh sorry, she is 13.. she wants to go to Yorkdale with a girl friends. On her own. Yorkdale is the size of a small city. My little girl shopping by herself. Over protective father time. Unfortunately, wife vetoed me. Thank god Middles friends couldn't go. Now I just have to wait for the next time that she asks.

Youngest is youngest. Wants to do everything and nothing. One minute she can take care of herself, the next she is a little girl that can't do anything with out the help of her daddy or mommy.

Talk to you later