Friday, October 05, 2007

What happened on Friday October 5th?

Wow, I've got the greatest Wife in the world. Tuesday nights are swamped for us, we have swimming lessons for Youngest, then piano and drum lessons for her and Eldest (Eldest does the drum lesson). So from 6 pm to 8pm on that night we are on the go. Well, Wife is okay with me going out to see Gogol Bordello next Tuesday. I am so pumped, this is a great band that is hard to pigeon hole. They are from New York, play eastern European gypsy punk rock? Anyway I'm off to see them next Tuesday at the Kool Haus all because I have the sexist, hottest, coolest Wife alive.

I've got to say, Happy Birthday Dad (he's 75 today.)

We had some really interesting adventures while in Europe, we would head off as a group and do our own thing. When we in Monaco, one of the books Wife head said that we should see Menton, France. So off on the train we went to Menton. It was a very pretty city, but not really worth the time we lost in Monte Carlo. Any way, while walking and trying to find these very old churches that the guide book said we need to see we came across the most incredible set of stairs. (all we seemed to do on this cruise was stairs, would you believe I lost weight on a cruise!)

You start at this pretty little plaza, water fountain built into a wall, cafe to one side, pastry shop beside it and touristy stores beside them .. You begin climbing this set of stairs.

You take a jog to the left, then a turn to the right, another turn to the right, a left turn (these steps are really getting steep!)
You go through this very steep, dark, damp tunnel and come out in a sun lit church plaza

Another adventure from our Western Mediterranean cruise on the MSC Cruise Line.

Have fun listening to Gogol Bordello:
Marinella (download the mp3)
Supertheory of Supereverything (download the mp3)
Bordello Kind of Guy (download the mp3)

Remember go out and support a band, see the concert, buy the CD, get yourself a T-Shirt. They aren't doing it for free.