Thursday, April 14, 2005

2nd day

What to write about. People always seem to write about exciting things on their blog, but it so hard to put down a single idea.

Am I doing this for myself, showing me that my life doesn't suck as much as I think it does? Or am I trying to grab my 15 seconds of fame. When we were young we thought that we were the centre of attention. Didn't you want to be famous? Didn't you want to be the Star? Well here I am at the half way point in my life and I almost want to say, is that it. Am I really a nobody? Does it get any better? I guess it does, but you realize that your not famous, that your one of 6 billion people on a earth who matter to someone else.(I hope, I've been married to her for almost 18 years)

God I think I sound like a whiner.

Life is exciting, I coached house league hockey for the first time this year. I think I did ok, learned how to deal with other peoples kids. Had fun planning strategy, even more fun when I realized they listened to me. Got called a Cheater by some parents. I had fun, we didn't lose to many games and we weren't in last place, so hey it was fun.

More later ... if you want excitement take a look at