Friday, April 29, 2005

Question for you/me,

Do parents live through their children’s sporting achievements. My son’s team won the 2nd tier championship this year in PeeWee select hockey. He was out with a knee injury, in fact he has a game this weekend to see who will come in 2nd place overall. (this is out of about 60 teams, I’m pretty proud) I know he cares, but he doesn’t seem to be that upset about it. Is it me who is pushing him to this? Is it me, that’s becoming a hockey father? I know my son won’t make the NHL, I know he doesn’t have a chance in hell of a hockey scholarship, I don’t care. I want to see competitive spirit in him; I want to see him strive to be the best he can be. What I get is a blank stare and him being more interested in playing his Xbox. I was his house league coach this year, we tried hard. Not last place and not first, but when he played for me he gave me his best.

Both my daughters play hockey, one is a goalie, the other is just learning. They both like to skate, they both seem to be having fun, I can’t believe the goalie (Barbie doll queen, but no fear of taking a puck off the face) The little one is going to be the competitive one. I like spending the time with them, I like teaching them.. I think I’m closer to all three of them because of it. I hope I don’t lose this, my wife wants to put the little one in Gymnastics. She is good, very small and very flexible.. she probably would make a very good gymnast, but I would lose my time with her. Is this selfish? Does my wife want to live through the little one as I do with the older two?

Is this all really what the kids want to do? We ask them and we register them, we take them. We give them a choice of whatever sport they want to do. The only thing they have to do is to take swimming lessons. So do we live through are kids, aren’t we supposed to. Isn’t this the whole idea of having kids.

What better to end this than with today’s find. What a bland image I am.

Anyway, its the weekend, hockey / lacrosse and gardening .. what a better way to spend the weekend .. have a good one.