Monday, December 19, 2005

December 19 th.

Eldest and I went for our belt tests. He got his Green belt and I got my Orange. Feels pretty good to see an accomplishment from all these nights of hard work. I had to do {phonetic spelling} ge si di ch, fight off an attack. Master let me beat up on Eldest. Had to break a pine board with a kick, my first kick was a round house, I must have caught the board with my toe nail.. hurt like hell (the board rang off key, but didn't even split). This got me pissed off, I go back into fighting stance and I give the board a front kick. I barely felt it but the board blew apart into pieces. Felt damn good.

Though I don't really understand how the Master does his tests .. it seems that he believes in the Karate belt tests but prefers to teach us Taekwondo. When we were practicing the only way I was able to do the movements properly was once he explained what the hold or motion would do if you were in a fight. eg. Left arm raised block (keep the knife from your body) right arm punch and grab, bring back and break the arm with a downward swing of the left arm .. etc .. As long as I'm learning its okay with me.