Tuesday, December 27, 2005

December 27th.

Okay ... I had a great holiday .. a few days away from the hassles of work and the world .. and we come back to this .. 1 dead and 6 shot on Yonge st. Stories from around the world looking at our city/province/country, picking apart what is wrong with our nation and how we are becoming more Americanized in our cities. I can't find the stats for 2005, we are at around 70 violent deaths with 50 or so related to gun deaths, but the 1998-2003 stats by the Toronto Police .. sure as hell show that the rate of violent crime is holding steady, but that the rate of gun related deaths have been increasing.

We are entering into an election where everyone is promising everything, the liberals are promising to ban guns (a joke), conservatives are promising harsher laws (are we going to become like the US with over crowded prisons and no way to fix the problem), and as far a I have heard the NDP is keeping its mouth shut but attacking the other parties for not fixing this issue. I don't want a quick fix, I don't want a bandaid, I want people to figure out how to stop this senseless violence, I now have to worry about my wife going shopping, my son riding the subway to school, my girls playing in the play ground at school.. Something has to be done and none of the candidates that we have seem to be looking for the answer