Thursday, February 09, 2006

February 9 th.

Fuck this is not a game.. this is not right .. This young woman should be alive. This is my neighborhood, my Daughter takes gymnastics at the Northwood Community Centre, I have taken my kids swimming there, and we have been involved in city run classes and courses. I have to go there tonight for her gymnastics class.
Am I worried about myself, No, but how do you tell a six year old girl that it’s safe to go to class.
She has asked me about Chantel Dunns death. They are talking about it at school. I had to tell her thats its safe and not to be afraid, "Daddy will be with her".
Fuck you assholes for screwing around with my life .. you have killed someone for no reason and you have made little girls afraid to go out of their homes .. FUCK YOU.