Friday, February 03, 2006

February 3 rd.

I don't like the War in Iraq, or the invasion of Afghanistan I don't side with Bush and the far right (do you remember Escape from New York, could you see the Bush government turning the US into this type of state) and I really don't like to think of Canada or Canadians being involved in this.

Anyway, now that I've stated that I am against the war,(I don't want to sound naive but it hits you when you read something like this) I read a article in the Star today that is a bit of an eye opener. I'm not sure if in the US people are seeing the soldiers that are coming home, injured, crippled, I know that the media is not being allowed to view or record the coffins arriving back in the US. I know in Canada we don't, but does the media in the states cover these stories? I know that all we saw after the war started were the stories of soldiers coming home and killing their wives (titillating stories, reach large audiences). But we have not seen stories on how the injured are re-adjusting to life at home. What is happening? Is the US government creating a generation of respected hidden heroes (as long as they are out of site we don't have to think of them?). These are teenagers and twenty year old men, they are going to (hopefully) go to work in a few years and participate in our societies. How are we going to adjust to them if we don't understand how they lost a leg, an eye or a hand?

How many Canadians have been injured or died in Afghanistan, we don't see them so we don't think of their contributions, so we don't try to stop having them killed, injured or maimed. As long as it doesn't happen to us or someone we know, we seem to be okay with this.

Sad statement on western culture... Both left and right