Monday, September 11, 2006

What happened on September 11th?

Five Mile Bay Sunset, taken by Eldest August 17/06
Five Mile Bay Sunset

Five years ago our world changed, we in north america were brought into the reality that the rest of the world has know since who knows when. Look, terrorism has existed in the past in north america, spanish mexico, the french indian wars, war of 1812 (this was a guerrilla war), native raids on settlers, US Calvary raids on native villages, Pox blankets being given to native canadians, assassinations, the FLQ crisis and more. It just seems that these things only truely affected a small groups of us.

The media, word of mouth, file transfer, visual images brought 9/11 into our lives the moment it happened.

I was on the phone to a prospect in New York, he said that he had just heard that a small plane had flown into a building, he joked that it was the empire state building again. Then the phone lines went dead. My sales partner called from LaGuardia (where he had just landed) on his cell, it was chaos, no one knew what was happening. All morning long I was getting calls from him, as he watched the towers fall from his rental car trapped on the bridge into the city. We were in shock. This was my 9/11. I never want to live through this again.

Lyrics for: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment: Ramones

I was feeling sick
I was losing my mind
I heard about these treatments
From a good friend of mine
He was always happy
Smile on his face
He said he had a great time at the place.
Gimme gimme shock treatment.
Peace and love is here to stay
And now I can wake up and face the day
Happy happy happy all the time
Shock treatment, I'm doing fine.