Friday, September 15, 2006

What happened on September 15th?

Toronto Skyline from the Islands, Taken by "Me" on 08/24/05
Zoom of CN Tower

I want to post comments to others blogs, but I can't because I switched to blogger beta. Not that I regret (to much) switching, as its so much easier to handle the posts and the blog code, but I can't talk to anyone else who is using blogger. (I also can't talk to Paul, he uses AOL, and it won't let non Aol users comment)

So to comment on Emma's post of Sept 14/06
Damn not Lukas, I wanted Toby to win. Lukas reminds me of Paul Williams both his look and voice .. if you have a chance rent Phantom of the Paradise and you will understand

To Paul's post of Sept 12/06
Your right the Leafs had better produce this year. I'm getting tired of defending them to my sons generation, non of his friends like the Leafs, what happened to loyalty.

To Running 42K, on his posts on internet dating and his up coming holiday.
I met my wife at college, she said something to me and I picked her up and hung her over a mud puddle trying to get her to apologize, she never did.
Have a great trip

To Talk Talk Talk
I can't get into Canadian Idol, niether of them are really that good .. but I need your help with Canadian Gardens .. how can I grow the group? No one is using the tags, no one comments, why would people want to join, we have over 50 members in Toronto Gardens, but only 29 in Canadian Gardens, need your help .. I'm making you a admin if you don't mind. Should I make everyone a admin?

I can comment on non blogger blogs so to those of you I read, I'm still here.

Lyrics for: Low Rider by War

All my friends know the low rider
The low rider get a little higher
The low rider drives a little slower
Low rider is a real goer
Hey low rider knows ev'ry street, yea
Low rider is the one to meet, yea
Low rider don't use no gas now
The low rider don't drive too fast.

Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip and see.
Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip with me.