Thursday, June 28, 2007

What happened on Friday June 28th?

fox glove

Okay I have been tagged twice to do the "8 things meme" once by "Nic" and the other time by "Musings of middle age". I don't tag back, but if you want to do it go ahead.

I can be complusive about things. When I collect something, I want to have all of it. When I used to buy albums, I would buy every album a band had put out. I would do my best to get every back copy I could. I try to buy every book put out by a author I like (paperback - can't afford all those hardcovers). With gardening if I see a plant I want, I have to buy it. I can control it, but sometimes it's very hard.

I am the youngest of three, the only boy and even though I don't think I was spoiled, I really was .. damn I/am was a brat.

I can be really lazy, I don't like to work hard and it shows.

I buy lottery tickets, but have never won more that $10.00. It's called the "tax on the stupid", but I can dream.

Men do daydream about other things then sex .. or at least I do.

As of today I am 285 lbs, 3 weeks ago I was 295 lbs. I don't want to be a fatman.

At the end of July I get to go for my Purple Belt in Taikwondo.

I have everything I want and really don't need anymore .. I am very lucky.

I've been hitting the MP3 blogs pretty hard lately .. staying up to past 2am .. so I figured I should give back. Give a listen to the Dickies with their cover of The If you like the song, try to find it and buy it. These guys still get their royalty cheques.

Listening to Cheech & Chong "Pedro and the Man at the Drive-In" that I borrowed from