Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What happened on Wednesday July 4th?

White Straw Flower .. my new favourite
straw flower

Had a great weekend up north. 4 days at the cottage, but damn it was cold. We had a north wind blowing in across the bay, so no swimming other than having to put the swim raft out. Eldest mostly stayed inside and pouted (he has to do 3 summer school classes - 2 in school, 1 online .. he didn't fail anything but for his school you have to have a minimum 65 for you classes to advance .. so he has to redo science. He was going to do careers and civics anyway.) Middle was middle .. all she is worried about is her 13th bday party on friday - Wife has arranged for a girls spa treatment at our house for middle and 7 of her friends. Youngest wanted to fish, hike, make a bow & arrow, build something and swim all at the same time, she goes a mile a minute. I'll lose weight just trying to keep up with her. I don't think wife went outside for more then 10 minutes because of the wind.
We had really good fireworks display on the beach this year. Wife and I went nuts, sister and brother-in-law went nuts .. so in total we had about fifty fireworks spread across the beach .. and set them off about 10:30 pm July 1st. Neighbours came out onto their docks and oohed and aahed. And not a single dud, wish I had taken some photos but its hard to do went your lighting off flashbangs. Hope you all had a great Canada Day weekend. Remember when we were only 100 years old?

The Straw Flower above has a very hard paper petal, it kind of neat with incredible colour that lasts

Did anyone download the song in the previous post? I'll be taking it down in a week so if you want it grab it now.

Happy bday to our neighbours to the south

Listening to Mustard Plug - Beer Song