Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rambling post.

This is going to be a rambling post today. All sorts of things have caught my interest today.

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla, it seems without him we would never of had the world we do today. I have read about Tesla in scifi books but I have never taken the time to do a google search on the man. One of the really good finds was this PBS Doc.

Okay, next subject. Vitiligo, most people don't know what it is. Vitiligo (also called "leukoderma") is a common skin disease in which there is loss of pigment from areas of the skin resulting in irregular white spots or patches. I have it, I am one of the lucky ones since I have very white skin already. I've lost the pigment around my left eye, including the pigment in my eye lashes and eye brow and some spots around the left side of my mouth. It could be worse. I get stared at or get comments like "hey cool" from some kids I coached or being called "two face" by some pretty obnoxious kids. I just met a cousin that I haven't seen in years, he has this on over 80% of his body. So hey I guess I'm pretty lucky.

This is the final comment for today. Really good article in the Globe and Mail on the Devils Lake issue. For once it gave both sides of the issue, in my opinion North Dakota is still wrong to be going ahead with this and Bush is just playing regional politics as opposed to international politics. What is Canada/Manitoba or hell even their own neighbor Wisconsin going to do? This one state is dictating international issues, my understanding of US politics was that this is a Federal issue not a state issue, but I guess when you want a Republican senator to be elected your allowed to play games. All of this got me thinking about water levels in the Georgian Bay being down so low. Do you want to hear pure parinoia .. people really believe that the US Army Corp of Engineers is draining Lake Michigan into the Mississipi River, so that water levels will be high for barge traffic. Or could it be true?