Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Slings, Arrows and the Crump manifesto

I was going to post today about RockStar:INXS ... but someone decided to leave a comment last night, which I'm really grateful for, its nice to know people are reading what I have to say.

Anonymous said...
Answer to your Q. Yes you are - you do what all conservatives do-sit on a couch and watch reality tv. Wonder where the wifey goes? I know

5:06 PM

But if you don't have enough guts to leave a responding email, please don't make snide comments. The last one hurts the least because I trust and love my wife more than you will ever know because I know I have a good marriage. Something you may never experience because your not honest.

As to me being conservative, I'm am and I am not .. I like to think of myself as being open minded, or better yet a realist, on some issues I'm left, on some issues I on the right, and on others I'm in the middle... maybe because of age .. maybe because I'm a 42 year old loser ...

Crap when I was a teenager I went from being a card caring member of the Conservative Party of Canada (because I/my parents hated Trudeau) to being a card caring member of the Communist Party of Canada..to believing I was an anarchist .. now I don't belong to a party I vote for what I feel is best. Why? Because every group claimed to have the right ideas... guess what! they are all wrong and the only group that is right is your family. That is the only group that matters. You do what is right for them. You fight and struggle to give them the best life you can. I grew up with nothing, my parents worked to provide for us. I make money and may have aquired some conservative leanings because I want the best for my kids, just like my parents did. I have leftist leanings, I like to think of myself as a enviromentalist, I'm a tree hugger, I don't hunt becuase I see no need to kill a animals (sorry but it is not a sport), I'm married to a vegitarian, I don't own a gun because I feel they are dangerous, I believe that we have screwed up the world and are on the brink of haveing to change or there is no road back and I believe that women have a right to control their bodies (if that means abortion, well so be it). I have a better education than my father, and dammit my kids will have a better education then me because I can and will provide it.

I hope you enjoy my blog, I like to know that someone is reading it. So please make comments, but don't be cowardly by not giving me a way to respond. That's what this whole world/enviroment/community of bloggers is about ... the open and fair exchange of ideas and opinions between people. You don't have to agree with me, I don't have to agree with you but I can learn from you just as you can learn from my ideas ..Thats why I enjoy it.