Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sad but true, I'm watching RockStar:INXS

It's really sad, I'm watching RockStar:INXS and I have to admit I like it.

Let me first set the scene. Tuesday night is kids class night, we have Drum class and Math lessons. One is at Yonge and Finch and the other is at Yonge and Lawrence, both classes start at 6 p.m. Kids are dropped off at my office at 5pm by brother-in-law (they were at cousins 10th bday party). I then drive 3 kids in sweltering heat (it was 34 Celsius yesterday, felt like 40)the air conditioning in the crown vic nolonger works. We are dying, 3 kids, 1 parent, heat and Toronto rush hour traffic ... Oh joy what fun! To top this off Wife had a hair appointment so she couldn't pick either of them up. I got Oldest to Drum lesson 20 minutes early, so 40 minutes in traffic to get him to his class, 20 minutes to get Middle to her class on time, then had to turn around to pick up Oldest for 6:30 and back to Middles class to pick her up for 7pm, all this time Youngest is strapped in her car seat drinking water like it was going out of style. Finally got them home at 8pm, Wife still not home, I eat dinner, let the kids make sundaes, they leave the kitchen and I get to clean up the mess. They watched TV and I went and did gardening. I came in dripping sweat and youngest demands to go on (one of her favorite TV shows) take her to the site, not sure what she expected, but she was really bored with it. We then put away clothes (first time in two weeks), Wife still not home, but she has phoned, hair stylist wasn't able to start dyeing her hair until 7:50 pm (she sat around a hair dressers for 2hrs before they even started her hair). Resigned to it, I get the kids off to bed. Oldest in his own bed, Middle in mine so she can sleep with her mother(some agreement they had over the weekend, I'm to sleep in Middles bed.. oh joy oh bliss) and Youngest in bed with her Nonna. What does all this have to do with RockStar, nothing, I just had to set the scene of my life.

Turn on the TV and here is this beautiful dreadlocked woman doing a awesome cover of Nirvanas "Heart Shaped Box". I'm hooked, what a performance, Jordis Unga. A few more acts, nothing that I liked, but hey wife did show up. All of a sudden this voice belts out of this blond that makes me want to get out my Billie Holiday or Etta James CD's. She does a great cover of the Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go", Deanna Johnston. Then again a few more blah performances, wife liked Neal Carlson, I think he's just a bad Mick Jagger impersonator. Two more performances left after the last commercial break, Ty Taylor, made me like a tune by Pat Benatar, Incredible, the guy puts on a show. Finally , we got to meet JD Fortune, he took one of my favorite folk rock songs (California Dreaming) and arranged it into a driving hard rock song that I would buy it today, this is the guy I want to win.

When I was young I used to head out to the clubs in Barrie to see bands like Teenage Head, or come down to the CNE with friends for concerts and once I move to TO, bars every evening to watch bands. I've declined to the point where I sit on a couch watching RockStar:INXS. So I'm hooked on reality TV, sad but true.