Wednesday, September 14, 2005

September 14th

It's strange but sometimes you're forced to wonder about the world in which you live and your place in it.

The 15 year old kid that I talked about in my post on September 1st turned himself into the police. What made him do it? Was he afraid of being caught? Was he remorseful for what he did? Will we ever find out? Or will we even care in six months as to what drove a 15 year old boy to kill someone? To make matters worse there has been two more shooting deaths in the Jane/Finch corridor. These shootings are a bit farther from home, but to close for comfort. Wife won't let me drive along Driftwood at night, can't say I blame her.

But for the Grace of God go you and I, as my parents always say. Paul Croutch was beaten to death by 3 Canadian Forces Reservists. Why did they beat a defenseless person to death? Was it mob mentality? Were they just drunk assholes? From the news reports Croutch was a sick, mentally ill man who once had a loving family, but his world fell apart. This could have been me/you/anyone. I don't want to disparage the Canadian Reservists they have had a long and proud history of serving this country. Anyone of us could have been on either end of this .. As I said, but for the grace of god go you and I.

I was out getting lunch today and met a person I used to work with at CBC Radio, our oldest kids were born around the same time. She is on permanent disability from work. She has a disease that makes it almost impossible to work, but at the same time she gets to stay at home and see her daughter grow up. The world just is a strange place.