Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well J.D. Fortune is the new lead singer of INXS. He won the job on Wednesday night. I had planed a whole Wednesday post to preview the final show, I had grabbed links from Jam:Canoe, Channel News Asia, the Herald News in Australia, Metromix from the Chicago Tribune and even Reality TV Magazine. Each article runs down the final three, J.D., MiG and Marty. It was going to be a great post. Well things came up and I never got to post any of this. So Wednesday night I watched RockStar:INXS, and as we know J.D. won. I did a bunch of searches to get Canadian reaction to the win, Calgary Sun, Halifax Herald and Chart Attack reported on it. It's a Monkey, Passionate About Sports, Everything Skylar, A day in the life of a terrible mother and Goddess Girl all had something really interesting to say to say about the win. Once again, I could not get the time to post on the win by J.D., because I've spent the last two days at the hospital.

Tuesday at 11:00 am I get a call at work from Eldests school, "Mr. 42yearoldloser, could you come down to the school and pick up your son, we don't want to call a ambulance, but we think your son has broken his ankle". As soon as I could clean up what I was doing, I was out the door and jetting down the 400. Got to the school, there was Eldest in the office with a grin from ear to ear. He was in gym class, they were running around the track and his ankle had slipped off the raised side. Got his things together and headed to the hospital. Two hour wait for Triage, then another two hour wait to be treated. Yes I know that in Canada we have a socialist medical system, everyone has a right to medical help and no one can jump the line (at least they aren't supposed to). In that two hour wait for triage, I had to politely stop people from butting in front of my son. Even though it was clearly marked to wait in certain seats and that you would be helped in order, people expected to walk in and be helped right away. Hell even people brought in by EMS have to wait. To give you an example, a older women, with a bleeding head wound, is brought in by her son, he goes right into the traige room and kind of pushed to the front of the line. The triage nurse was nice, checked the woman quickly and asked her to got to the back of the line. If the nurse put the woman at the front of the line fine, if you in bad trouble you'll go first, but if not wait like everyone else.

So anyway, after x-ray's and a wait, the ER doctor says that he can't see anything, but for Eldest to use the crutches and come in the next day for a appointment with the Fracture Clinic. The next morning I told Eldest to stop depending on the crutches and try to walk on it. It hurt to much, ok fine, he has a very low pain thresh hold so I didn't push him even though I believed that if he tired he could do it. We head back to hospital and the fracture clinic, his appointment was for 10:30 am, we got in at 1 pm, and then had to wait another half hour to see the doctor. The doctor said there was nothing visible in the x-ray, but because the pain was so centralized in such a small area, Eldest probably has a cracked growth plate. He smiled at me a goes "I told you so" .. So he now has a air cast on his foot for the next 5 weeks.

Poor guy, he is supposed to go for his green belt in TaeKwonDo next week, his house league hockey starts this weekend and tryouts for select and his school hockey team are next week. He won't be able to do any of it. Kind of proud of him though, I mentioned to him this morning before he left for the subway, that I was going to class tonight, he said that he would come and do all the excersises except for the kicking.

Back to RockStar, its not the end .. The rockstars have a CD out, supposedly the contestants are going on tour, we have the new INXS CD due out on Nov. 29th, a INXS tour to look forward to, Marty was asked to open for them ont the world tour and as Brooke Burke closed the show she mentioned for people to send in their tapes .. What band could be looking for a new lead singer?