Thursday, September 01, 2005

My City

Ok, These are images that I took of my city, you don't get to see this unless you head out into the Toronto Islands, buy a postcard or do a tour cruise of the harbour. Wife and I were lucky enough to be invited on a evening cruise of the harbour by one of her clients, we had a great time.
Toronto has over 3 million people, from a multiple mix of cultures, trying to live together and hey I think we do pretty good. Its a beautiful place with a lots of parks, entertainment, cultural activities, sporting events and even though non Torontonians call it a cold place it has a lot of heart .. We still are Toronto the good.

But, and it's a big But things are happening lately that are just down right scary. There has been over 30 murders this year by gun violence .. I know the NRA and gun people say ..."Guns don't kill people, people kill people" ... That's crap, I grew up learning to shoot. I just don't feel a need to own one or use one. I've used target guns, shotguns, hunting rifles and even a fully auto FN (that's the Canadian version of the M16). Guns in the hands of people kill people, that's it. It's simple, make it harder to get the guns, harsher punishments for caring guns, harsher punishments for using guns to commit a crime and you won't have people driving around and shooting up the fucking city. I know, the Canadian government screwed up the gun registry, I know you have the right to own a weapon to protect yourself (hell in some of the states south of the border it's still legal to carry a concealed weapon), but it's not right to take another persons life. Our laws, most religions, and morals tell us this. Its also not right to put a city in fear because they are not sure when/where something horrible is going to happen. Look at this google map ..
Jane and Sheppard, a man was killed here a few days ago. I live a mile away. Oldest will be riding the TTC by himself this year to get to school, I'm worried about some asshole taking pot shots at buses. Middle and Youngest go to school very near our house. It's locked down, thank god, no one can enter without buzzing in at the front door, but what happens if there is gun play at the apartments beside the school.
I am scared, and I don't like feeling this way.
The Argos, private companies and community groups are helping to set up what seems to be a good organization called "Stop the Violence", lets hope it works, but will it be enough. I don't know, and I don't have a answer.

Quick note, Ty is gone and RockStar:INXS is suddenly getting very real. I don't like the clips/editing/sound bites of what is happening back at the house. Its two fractured, at least what we see in the half hour on Monday nights. The producers and editors are creating a bad vibe, it probably does exist but I think they are spending to much time on it, putting more emphasis on something that don't really matter, just to make good reality television. Part of me feels that J.D. is being kept around because he does stir up so much shit, even though he would make a good lead singer for INXS. J.D. is a asshole, but so was Ty, so is MiG and Marty. So are Jordis and Suzie, have you seen Jordis roll her eyes or curl her lips. These people are artists .. self centred, creative and demanding...What do you expect them to be.
INXS was right though, Ty, J.D., and Jordis each gave uninspired performances last night. The show has gotten very real and in a few weeks only one of five will remain. That kind of sucks, when you like everyone.