Friday, September 30, 2005

September 30th

Today is going to be news day .. Links to articles that impress/shock/scare or thrill me.

Toronto City Hall is becoming a den of corruption or so the Globe&Mail and the Toronto Star are trying to tell us. Hold on a minute here, can anyone truly say that they don't think this has happened before and will continue to happen. What is sad, is that they got caught doing it.
Are our elected politicians this stupid, or is there something else hidden in the bill that they didn't want to let pass. (is the bill I linked to the same one? update .. thanks to Darcey .. Bill c-313 is the right bill ) And how stupid are British politicians. In a country that invented tabloid journalism, they would do something like this. These are the people we are allowing to run our countries. God help us.

More shootings in the GTA .. This was only a couple of blocks from my office, I wondered why Steeles was so slow yesterday morning.

Wife had a good comment about this story, "what about the responsibility of the people who are still smoking/starting to smoke. Why shouldn't they be paying for this also. Why should non smokers bare the brunt of the cost to our health care system. Big tobacco shares the blame, but where is it written that when you become a addict that you wave your right to carry any responsibility for your actions." She never smoked, I did. It took me over 10 years to quit completely, when I started smoking I was 12, I didn't know it was addictive, I just thought it was cool. God did I learn .. If you've started smoking in the last 25 years its your own fault, you have no excuse.

Such a wonderful and wondrous world we live in. We have to stop screwing it up.

A thrill of a life time. Oh to be 19 again.

This is a great read if your a Blues fan .. B.B. King interview. New CD "80"

Wife and I are going to watch two shows this fall .. The Amazing Race and Lost.

The "Media" is a interesting and powerful tool. It tries to do two things .. Make money (nothing wrong with this, Tanstaafl). This is the primary focus, to get you to read/watch/listen to their publication/news cast/entertainment so they can sell more advertisements. Then get you to listen to their take on the news/information, they have an agenda that is past down by the owners (who or what are these shadowy creatures .. Paranoia time). Media wants to change the way you look/think about the world and bend your outlook to their bias.
We all know this we don't need to have it spoon feed to us, but we (bloggers) are doing this ourselves now. We have right wing blogs, left wing blogs, non partiasan blogs, entertainment blogs and just plain good open journals for the voyeurs that we are. Are we just copying/competing with the largest Media organizations to get our viewpoint out, but if your already preaching to the faithful, why are we doing this?