Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What happened on November 7th?

Red Dahlia on Green
Red Dahlia

Heroes update: The kid has powers, he can effect electronic's? (ala Forge)
What's with the Tatoo on Matt's back, it's the same one that radioactive man has on his back.
Issac has disappeard, he is nolonger in his loft, the only problem is that in the first episodes Hiro (in the future) visits him, where he is dead on the floor. Has Issac tried to change the future?
The Petrelli story line bugs me, I just can't bring myself to like the either of the two characters, ones a slime ball and the other is a whinner.

Pretty cool blog by Greg Beeman producer of Heroes, also I've have found 9th Wonders the official/unofficial website of the show. Also if you have the time, NBC is doing a Online Graphic Novel of the show, give it a read.
We will see what happens over the next few weeks, hopefully the writers can keep up the quality.

Kids are doing well, Eldest got his mid term marks, almost all A's and B's, but a D in French and a C in Science ... not studing for tests is the problem, hopefully he has learned his lesson.
Middle is okay .. Has become very complacent about homework and hockey, not trying as hard as she can and just geting by. After a talk on the weekend with Mom and Dad (me) she won a very important game and has tried a bit harder with the homework.
Youngest is just a ball of energy and I can't keep up. I have never seen her tired.

Wife is great, she hasn't had to travel to much lately.
Nothing else really to say, I'm just boring.

Lyrics for "Here Comes Your Man", 1989 The Pixies

Outside theres a box car waiting
Outside the family stew
Out by the fire breathing
Outside we wait til face turns blue
I know the nervous walking
I know the dirty beard hangs
Out by the box car waiting
Take me away to nowhere plains
There is a wait so long
Here comes your man

Big shake on the box car moving
Big shake to the land thats falling down
Is a wind makes a palm stop blowing
A big, big stone fall and break my crown
There is a wait so long
Youll never wait so long
Here comes your man
There is a wait so long
Youll never wait so long
Here comes your man

Cashbox # 1 song for the week ending Nov 11/90 "Listen To Your Heart" - Roxette