Thursday, August 11, 2005

Living in the City has its problems.

Not that light pollution is on scale with Guns / Gangs / Drugs / Murder / Enviromental Pollution / Traffic Jams and the out right crowding that cities have, but because I live in Toronto I won't be able to see the Perseids tonight. In my opinion, that's a shame. My kids are up at the cottage .. They will be able to lie on the dock and see the Milky Way, the Perseids and maybe even the Northen Lights. What better gift to give to a child, then to get them to understand that they a part of a greater thing then just their little world of streets and friends.

So if you live outside of TO, can lie on your back on your lawn/beach/rock or hill and stare at the sky .. Make sure your outside at 11pm EST so that you can see the start of the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Found this interesting piece on the history of the Perseids at