Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WTF Suzie in bottom 3, are you crazy

Suzie was in the bottom three, INXS sent her off the stage fairly quickly, they let her know that they liked her performance. That left Brandon and Jessica. I was wrong, Brandon is gone, he would of stayed but he forgot the words. Sad but true, Jessica did okay, but Brandon was better but he screwed up and forgot the words to (crap, I can't remember the name) was it "Don't Lose Your Head"
Wife and I talked about it, we figure because they gave a sneak peek at the #'s on Wednesday night, and people saw Deanna was in the bottom three people started to vote for her which drew votes away from Suzie. They also did something interesting, they had the people with the five lowest votes stand up and then had the bottom three come to the stage, is this a way to let the audience see who is not getting votes ..
I think one of the reasons I like this show is that it has non of the nastiness of American/Canadian Idol. No judges being pricks, good honest criticism and when INXS makes their decision, it seems that they regret having to. Also, hell I like to see Brooke Burkes legs.