Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still Watching

Its sad but true, even though I've missed two weeks of the show (no TV reception at cottage), I'm still watching RockStar:INXS.
Last nights show was a good one, Susie did a arrangement (with J.D.'s help) of REM "Losing my Religion", it was great, I know its good enough to keep her out of the bottom three for this week.
Ty did a awesome performance of Bob Marleys "No Woman No Cry", for once it seemed that he cared about the song instead of acting like he did. In the shows that I've seen it was always like he was going on stage and performing a character instead of being a musician and trying to get his song across to him audience.
Jordis had a hard night, Layla even though it is a simple song carries a lot of emotions. Jordis for some reason just couldn't pull it off, her voice squeaked, she couldn't hit or keep notes and she just seemed uncomfortable singing it. Half way through the song you could see that even she realized that she didn't hit the mark.
Missed most of J.D.s cover of Seal’s Crazy, Wife and I were talking to the kids at the cottage (we left them there with there Grandparents and Cousins). All I can say is that he has to loose the vibrating arm, its to much like Eddy Vedder or Van Morrison. He just wasn't visually appealing to watch.
Mig did a cover of Free's "All Right Now", awesome, Wife thinks he will win, says he fits the band. Not sure about that.
Marty rocked, no better word for it, he did a unplugged version of Mr. Brightside by the Killers. He will be the one asked to do a encore tonight. You could tell that INXS loved him.
Deanna, covering the Dobbie Brothers "Long Train Runnin' " was Deanna.. She belted the song out again .. What a wondrous voice, but can she do a soft song, she hasn't shown this yet.
Two of the final three tonight will be Brandon (is a southern rocker and has never belonged on the show) or Jessica (who murdered Nirvana's "Come as you are"), not sure who the last of the three will be, either Deanna or Jordis I think (not that it matters yet) .. Either Brandon or Jessica will go tonight. Hopefully Jessica, she just doesn't have it, looks great but just isn't "IT"