Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You love your kids, but sometimes you want to strangle them

Wife and I amassed a huge album collection when we were young and when we first got married, ranging from Ashford and Simpson (hers) to Dead Kennedys (mine). I've never had time to mix these albums to CD, like I used to make cassettes. So I've finally gotten everything I need together to do it. An ok Sound Card, MS Plus! to bring the analog audio in and convert it, a two channel editing program so I can cut and mix the songs, I fixed our Dual 505-2 turntable (the rubber drive belt had disintegrated), wires to link the old stereo system (Dual turntable, Dual Cassette and Sherwood PreAmp, EQ and Receiver) to the computer.

Well tonight when we got home from me driving Oldest and Middle to Drum lessons and Sylvan, I decided instead of sitting on my ass and watching TV, I would transfer a album. I got out David Bowie's "Hunky Dory", I was getting out the disc cleaner and noticed and bunch of albums on the table. "Oldest", I called out, "Did you leave these albums out, put them away when you done!" "Yes Dad" is all I got. I then put the album on the turn table, lower the arm, and watch in horror as the cartridge is dragged across the album. "Oldest, did you do anything to the turn table?" "No Dad", "Oldest what happened?" After about 20 questions (I was no longer the calm loving father that I try to be, I was the raging maniac audio file who was ready to kill someone for screwing with his system.) Oldest admitted to trying to putting a album on, his cousin, same age, was over and pushed oldest out of the way (likely story) saying he knew what to do and began to fiddle with the turn table. Not only did they break the stylus, damaged the cartridge ( a Dual DN 65E - anyone know where I can buy one of these?), they also scratched the hell out of Iggy Pop's "Blah Blah Blah". Have you ever wanted to kill your kid? Once I find somewhere in Toronto that sells the cartridge I need, he is buying it. No matter the cost.

To help me calm down and give me a dose of rock, wife and I watched RockStar:INXS tonight ...
- J.D. rocked with Elvis's "Suspicious Mind", but he really has screwed up in the last week because of his attitude and I think he is in big trouble with INXS.
- Suzie did a really good job with Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", but I don't think she deserved the comments that INXS gave her. I think she got compliments because she nailed the Farriss brothers interpretation of the new song they recorded earlier this week.
- Mig did "Live and Let Die", but nothing to right home about.. he seemed to enjoy himself.
- Ty did "You Can't Always Get What You Want", he did a good job of making the song his own, I didn't hear the Stones I heard Ty. (does that make sense to you)
- Jordis did "Imagine" by John Lennon, I will buy this one. Wife didn't like it. I love hearing Jordis but the only problem is she doesn't seem to have a range in her voice, she can't hit the high notes. This must make her kind of limiting to write vocals for.
- Marty did a awesome job of "Wish You Were Here", by Pink Floyd (song was written about absent band member Sid Barrett), no screaming, just a soulful heartfelt song that made me want to cry, Marty should get the encore, he deserves it.