Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April 18th.

Happy Together, Somthing you don't see every day with my kids

Two days into the week and I don't want to be here... damn I have to find a new job.

We had a good Easter weekend. We slept in, went to church, took Eldest to his Box Lacrosse game on Saturday, cooked, wife and I had a fight (made up when I gave her a nice Easter gift), got together with family for dinner on Sunday and had for the most part a quiet family weekend.

Middle wants to go for tryouts this week. Tryouts, by definition if your not a hockey parent, is when your kid is put up against everyone else’s kid to see who is the best and who can make the team. Now this is not always true, kid "A" could be the coaches daughters friend and kid "B" could be someone unknown. So who makes the team? Now this scenario is not always true either. So Middle is going to tryout for a team in the North Metro Girls Hockey League. We will see how she does.

Eldest has made the schools U14 Field Lacrosse Team. Seems to be doing well at school, or at least the teachers are not complaining about his work not being done. He is going through that phase of the "World's not fair", "why me?". It's hard to handle but there is no other option. I remember going through this phase, it sucked, I was such a self centered shit head. Now my son is one.

Youngest got to wear her new shoes today. Pink skater shoes with two laces (one pink one white). She was happy.

Wife has to go to New York for a few days, now I'm unhappy.