Friday, April 28, 2006

April 28th.

Toronto sinkholes.

Ok, I'm starting to feel boxed in here. At Jane and Hwy 7 we've had a sink hole since February (they are still working on it), Finch Ave. is still down to two lanes from the washout of '05, we have a new sinkhole at Sheppard & Bathurst and finally it seems that a new one has opened up at Hwy 7 & Yonge St. Our city is falling apart. The only thing is that these areas have only been developed in the last 50 years. Why don't we have sinkholes at Bloor & Clinton or maybe Eglinton & Forest Hill? Was there major road work/maintaince done in those areas 40 years ago?
The Star and Newswire are saying that we should prepare for more of these problems as they cities infrastructure ages. But hasn't some of this infrastructure been in place for almost 100 years, why isn't it failing. Hell at least it seems that the province has been thinking ahead, they've even commissioned a report from the Water Strategy Expert Panel. This is great, in a year or five years, but right now Toronto's (North York's) infrastructure is failing, luckily no one has been hurt yet and property damage has been minimal. How long before someone gets hurt by driving into a sinkhole, or a house or apartment collapses. Lets start the work soon.