Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April 25th.

I wasn't going to post today, but since I had to do some site maintenance
so I decided I would put my foot forward with some opinions on the latest news.

Prime Minister Harper "nee Bush baby" has told us that the government will not honor our troops killed in Afghanistan with lowering the Canadian Flag at the Ottawa peace gardens to half mast and that the Canadian media cannot display images of flag draped coffins of these Canadians that we (yes we, we elected the parties that sent our people into a place where they can be killed, we are the final decision makers .. whether you agree to it or not, by voting or not voting we Canadians make our own decisions)sent to Afghanistan. I think Harper might want to rethink this.
[Update April 25 11:51 pm]: My Blag has a link to Rick Mercers peice on this. Read it, Harper re think this now!

In other news/opinions, Liberal MP's/ex NDP leaders are stating that they will be running for leader of the Liberal Party. The bloody vote is going to be held in December ‘06... Hell they held a federal election in shorter time then that. Look where that got them. Who gives a hoot until just a few weeks before the vote? Come on Canadian Media moguls give us a break... this is not news yet.

It sucks that a kid could be killed over bus tickets. His family is mourning as the killer runs around free and no one is willing to turn him in. This happened within two miles of my house. Once again this is to close to home.
Eldest rides the bus and subway to school every day, we've had to sit him down and tell him to hand over his tickets if anyone demands them. No heroics, just hand the tickets over. He has decided to bring his lacrosse stick home every night, it makes him feel safer. Is this how we really want to bring up our kids...? In fear of riding on a bus.