Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Being interesting is today's lead ... My god to be interesting. How in the hell can a cubby hole plant maniac, father of 3 be interesting. I've been stumped on this for the last 4 days.
Am I interesting, do I have things to say that other people might find interesting. I like to think so, but if you check out my site stats people breeze through pretty quick. But does it matter, am I doing this for the world, undying fame that I always wanted. Do I want to be like Jake Bronstein, the internet has taken his blog and run with it. He is young inventive and not worried about who he is, or how people see him. Its a fun to read him every time he posts, because your looking to see what he can get away with next, who he will lead down the garden path. Thats not me though, I am a 42 year old loser. I have fights with my wife about money, I have arguements with my kids about what they are doing, I do a job because I need to do a job. I enjoy gardening, musicals, movies, books and music. I'm boring and I revel in it.
My life is wrapped around taking my kids somewhere, going to work, trying to get my to tired wife to make love to me, and just gettin by with each day. Welcome to the life of a 42 year old loser.