Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ok, this is not a political blog, I'm not left wing or right wing, I'm not a berry eating environmentalist, I'm not a gun toting mountain man, and I defiantly am not anti American .. But I am concerned about the world that we are leaving our children.

Devil's Lake North Dakota, as I understand it began to grow and has been taking over farm and recreational land in the area. The State Senator Kent Conrad helped push through policy to have Devils Lake drain into the Sheyenne River which then drains into the Red River which of course drains into Lake Winnipeg, Canada.

Read the following story from today's Toronto Star, or River Watch article from the Winnipeg Free Press this gave a Canadian biased view of the situation.
So I wanted to do some research for information myself. Here are some letters (1, 2)from the Canadian embassy in Washington to Senator Conrad. Here is Senator Conrad’s response by asking the US Ambassador to Canada to support the issue. A letter to President Bush on the issue, published in the Grand Forks Herald.
Here are some links to US publications on the subject. MSNBC, The Free Republic, The Hill News, and the Bismarck Tribune.

This link covers the minutes of a meeting by the Garrison Diversion Overview Committee. This is a group set up by the North Dakota State Gov't to manage the North Dakota watershed. (By the way you can search articles at ND Leg.

Dust my Broom has been following the issue and commenting on it. Dakota Pundit replied. There is always two sides to a issue. Look at the Canadain and Quebec gov'ts moving people out of the way of the James Bay Hydro Project. No country is without fault.

What all these links come down to is that Condoleezza Rice will make a decision whether to stop the Devils Lake diversion or not, but North Dakota does not have to wait for her decision. They can go ahead and open the flood gates when ever they are ready. This just doesn't seem right to me. One state affecting the futures of not just itself, but other states, provinces and countries, how can so few people have so much power.

My opinion, stop, reinvestigate, look for other options. But is it just to late? and as dust my broom said .. why did they wait so long. From the ND notes, it looks like they have been planning for this for over 15 years. Why so long?