Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well I told you I would add more Garden photos.

I have to explain myself .. This is what I do every night when I get home from work. I hit the garden, weed, clean and maintain the Garden. I skip dinner to do this, then off to tae kwon do with Eldest. (well at least 3 nights a week, the other nights are other duties).

This is my life. Well I guess I'm exaggerating here, what I really try to do is get the 3 kids outside. Get them moving and away from the boob tube otherwise that is all they would do, lie in front of the TV. Eldest usually has to be dragged outside, away from the xobx, but I have to admit Master really works his ass off so I guess he can rest a bit. Middle and youngest seem to want to help me the most and I like the time we get to spend together. We usually end up getting their bikes out and riding around the neighborhood

Enough explaining .. Here are some of the photos of the "Garden" so far.

This is a perennial pot, for the most part the flowers will come back each year as long as you store it away for the winter. The Monkey Flowers came back but I had to add the Daisy, Helen Flower, Blanket Flower and Tickseed had to be replanted
Perenial pot 05

This is a close up shot of my Portulaca, it's an annual that I plant each year.
Portulaca 05

These are the first of my Daylilies, much more to come.
Day Lily 05

This is my Flowering Maple(Abutilon). I got it last year and it bloomed all summer, got it thru the winter (even though it lost most of its leaves), but when I put it out this spring it lost all of its leaves and seems to have died back. I hit the Toronto Botanical Gardens and the gardening forum and got some help. I cut it back and happy to say that in the last two weeks I got the leaf buds. Very happy indeed.
a 05

Does anyone know the name of these plants? I had them at our old house and my father in law had them here, but they had never done very well. So this spring I replanted them to a sunny spot and this is what I got. I just don't know what they are called.
yellow flowers 05