Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's June 30th, the bosses have decided to be nice and are letting us out at 4pm. Yeah!!!... long weekend. I'm taking a 4 day long weekend .. so happy Canada Day and happy 4th of July to the people south of the border.

Kind of interesting weekend. My sister has adopted a new born, she is Mexican American, the mother was to young to keep her so the put her up for adoption through a lawyer. Anyway this weekend is the family christening day, we will have over 40 people at the cottage for Amelia day. Wife and I will be godparent, and I am supposed to give a speech. Working on it in my head, and will probably wing it from the heart. It will be along the line of the land being close to our heart is what makes us a family, someplace that we know we will always be able to come back to and be safe.

Anyway, have a great holiday. If you can't get away enjoy the events around you with your families and remember your not celebrating the people in power now, your celebrating the people who made your country what it is. All the rights and freedoms came from blood and toil of good people. So trash the people in power but honour your country.